Inspiration – Education – Opportunity

It’s a lifelong dream to want to grow up and be someone unique and extraordinary who has achieved their vision. But for those growing up in disadvantaged backgrounds or being raised in families where the level of aspiration is low, it’s a challenge. The World at Your Feet empowers youth across the world, giving them the belief and inspiration to open their gateway to opportunity and success.

The World at Your Feet aims to inspire, educate and provide ordinary young people the opportunity to become extraordinary entrepreneurs. The World at Your Feet delivers each vision via a separate brand to enable a step by step learning process for young people.

The vision to educate youth is delivered by the ‘Teen-Trepreneur’ brand. The brand has many segments, each broken down to enable a simple step by step learning outcome. Firstly, TheTeen-Trepreneur Success Kit, comes with 3 simple and easy to learn training books and 3 training DVD’s. Each Book and DVD helps a young person develop their business understanding, create a strong personal brand and teaches them every step required before setting up a real company.

The Teen-Trepreneur also delivers business learning via the Teen-Trepreneur board game. It’s a business leaning game that enables young people to understand when to take risks in business, control money and understand how to grow a business even with the least amount in capital. The game also introduces 15 of 25 units taught within the BTEC Level 2 Diploma for Business.

The Teen-Trepreneur also has an online members platform which delivers the stage by stage learning provided by the books and DVD’s within the success kit via an online E-Learning process.

Teen-Trepreneur has now launched two new aspects within the brand. Teen-Speakers andTeen-Designers. Teen-Speakers is a speakers bureau consisting of 25 UK and 25 International speakers all who have extraordinary success stories to inspire and empower audiences of any age. What ever the event, hearing a young persons perspective brings nothing but inspiration.

Finally, Teen-Designers. With a group of 10 extremely talented web designers on board, if you need a web designed for any occasions, whether its business, marketing or even a wedding…any of the 10 Teen-Designers will be happy to assist you.